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Unconditional Love = Soul Love

We Are Paving a Lighted Path

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Matthew 7:13-14"Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it."

In our workshops, you will begin paving a lighted path that will see you well on the road to embracing, and enjoying a better ‘quality of life’.

We will assist you in peeling away the layers of your subconscious patterns of thought and behavior. Humanity functions by using ‘thought forms’. These thought forms are inherited patterns of thought and behavior, which come to us via our individual ancestry. Science refers to it as genetic predispositioning, and it permeates all aspects of our lives.

We have all heard: You look like your mother or grand-mother. You are acting like your father, uncle, cousin, etc. You have hair the color of a distant relative. (Sorry, your mother did not have an affair, he’s still your father, and you still have to listen to him.)

In other words, we are our ancestors. Do you dispute that? Well get online and do some research into genetics and DNA; particularly ‘inherited’ diseases and behavioral patterns..

The good news is that you do not have to be ‘victimized’ by life. Life can be a wonderful, magnificent adventure. If you look around, one can not help but realize that there is a paradigm shift taking place globally. People are awakening to the realization that they no longer wish to play the role of the victim. They are awakening to the even more profound realization that they can change their circumstances. However, it requires change, and no one ever said that change was easy or painless. Change just is, and the grace with which you handle it, depends largely on having the right perspective. Our workshops assist you in this process.

Those who were the vanguard for this movement towards self-realization, those who once walked the narrow darkened path towards self-empowerment, armed only with the lights of trust and faith, and with the guidance of the,’ still soft voice’ within; are now being rewarded by the sight of many others who are consciously choosing to join in as we journey along the road to full remembrance.

Along the way, you will encounter aspects of your lives which will present itself for ‘review’. e.g.: past pain, anger, illness, sadness, jealousy, emotional trauma, etc. We assist you to safely navigate through these potentially hazardous energies. We provide you with many powerful ‘tools’ which you can use to neutralize the chaotic and frequently traumatic events in your daily lives.

By using the ‘tools’ which we provide, you will begin to realize that all that disempowered you previously, is beginning to leave your energy field. The deeper the light infusions penetrates into your energy field, the more the deeply hidden, truer aspects of you, will be revealed.

This is how the Light infusions work its magic. As you navigate through this process, your willingness to ‘accept’ and ‘experience’, the uncomfortable feelings and pain involved will reveal much to you about your inner reservoir of strength and resolve; as you reclaim responsibility for all that you are thinking and doing.

Your energetic layers will continue to thin, and become more easily dissipated with the continued use of the ‘tools’ that you choose to use. As this unfolds, your responsibility will be to formulate, and hold your vision of what you want to see manifest in your Life.This pertains to the visions that you hold for your personal life, and the greater visions that you hold for the world. The world that will be inherited by your children and grand-children.

Your old paradigm will rapidly fall away and be replaced with a new paradigm; this new paradigm will consist of beliefs that do not contain the concept of lack. The more you work with the ‘tools’ which will be available to you, the more skilled you will become at designing the life that you want to live. You will develop greater discernment and with that the ability to make right choices at the right time. You will find great joy as you continue to create your life anew.

Each change that occurs will in turn create the opening for more change, and this will continue until a total transformation happens. All that you have learned and all of the tools that you have acquired, will assist you in manifesting your new reality blueprint.

You will be encouraged to become single eyed and focus almost exclusively upon yourself. All change comes from within. You can not change your external situations if you don’t first start by changing within. By focusing upon your own life, you begin healing within and without. Work with the methods that work for your unique situation, and you will begin to increase in intuition and discernment.

As you progress, others may come to you and ask what you are doing. You will be able to share your valuable tools with others so that their path to a better quality of life can be accomplished with considerably more ease than what you endured.

It is important to wait until you are asked, as trying to get anyone to walk this path who has not gotten off the brightly lit highways of life, may well leave you frustrated and despondent. This will become your gift to humanity. Each inroad that has been successfully traversed becomes a shining path that others can follow.

Each life is sacred and valuable, and your individual experiences and stories are likewise, very important, for they provide markers for others to emulate. The paths that were forged by you, through great effort, will and endurance; is serving to lighten the narrow path for others to walk on.

You must be ever vigilant in maintaining your focus on cleansing your body, mind and feelings of all that does not resonate with the life you are wanting.

Establish a connection with, and stay attuned to your heart; learn to hear and heed its soft whisperings, its guidance, and its wisdom. It has much to offer, and to teach you, if you are willing to listen.

It knows EVERYTHING. You do not need to go ‘outside’ of yourself, in search of answers. It will assist you to remember. Learn to truly trust it, and it will bring you peace. It is ready to embrace you, if you will but embrace it.

Our sacred text states: ‘…… their fruit, you will know them’. Please wait until the fruits that you are growing, on the tree of your personal life; has reached full fruition, before offering it to others.

“Love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates walls to arrive at its destination full of hope.”

- Maya Angelou

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