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Metaphysics is the study of Life and many of your questions about human life will be answered by my articles and other works. My pages explain what this world is about. Once you understand most of it, you will be at peace with yourself and live your life with inner knowing. You will understand why the world is the way it is... The world is a global play of deceit, lies and foolishness that brainwashes the masses into accepting this play as the truth and reality of their world. However, the soul you are is able to discover the Real Truth behind all this! These pages will assist you to do that. Thousands of bright souls have attested to this already... It's simple - read my words until you fall asleep, awaken or die! Sooner or later you will know that "You Are The Truth" and that all else is nothing but a diversion that keep the masses in a state of confusion and fear. You do not need to live in fear. You are able to live in Bliss... Our world leaders create realities that are full of 911 scenarios and other mental implants. The world is a Lie! The actual purpose of these world scenarios are to awaken billions of human souls from a deep sleep or unconsciousness. All human beings are brainwashed from birth by their parents, the educational institutions, the religions, the politicians and the bankers. It is time to awaken from all the lies and misleading information. Read my pages and you will agree...

? ... Who are You ... ?

... and ...

? ... Why are you Alive ... ?

... Knowing the answers means the awakening of the soul you Are ...

! ... You need to awaken from the dream in which you think you are already Awake ... !

All religions are man-made and false! Human Life has never been sufficiently explained by them. Hinduism might be an exception to this. Religions only agree on one thing and they call it the afterlife. However, an afterlife existed before any religion was ever invented. Human Life is an investigation that some people call a search... Human life is about gaining wisdom by means of experiences, education and most of all intuition! The door to my website is always open. No need to knock - just click below. Enjoy reading my easy flowing words. Meanwhile, do not forget to diaper your mouse first! I like things neat and tidy...

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