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Perspectives of Manly P. Hall

The Manly P. Hall Society Link

Escape from the Tyranny of Our Own Thoughts


The Mythology of the Space Age

Many of Earth and Heaven


Pandora's Box: The Mystery of Memory


Reclaim the Mind


Victory of the Soul Over Circumstance


Ten Basic Rules for Better Living


Energy Fields of the Body


Ten Basic Rules for Better Living (1953)


The Human Soul


Solving the Mental-Emotional Conflict


Planets and the Ancient Gods


Jacobs Ladder Seven Planets in Seven Minutes


Before You Were Born


The Seven Races of Mankind from Atlantis


The Conflict between Thought and Reality


Fishers of Men


Children of Zeus


Cycle of the Phoenix in World History


Migrations of the Human Spirit


The Sacred Mystery of the Human Body


LOVE The Most Mysterious of Human Emotions


God and Man


Manly P. Hall Talks About Black American Are

the Original Autochthon Americans


The Seven Laws Governing Human Life


The  Holy Grail


The Magic Mirror


How to Understand Your Bible


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