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The Plan to Save the World

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Q - The Plan To Save The World (old version)
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Blast From The Past
  1. A Journey Through Dimensions
  2. A Satanic Plot for a One World Government
  3. A Well Regulated U.N. Police Force Being Necessary
  4. A Shock in Consciousness
  5. Abode of Low Self
  6. Admiralty Court Exists Because
  7. AGONY and the WAR Between the Selves
  8. Alex Collier on Reptilians
  9. Ascension Rebirth and the Dimensional Shift
  10. Ascension -v- The Shift
  11. Awakening the Middle Self
  12. Balance and Why You Should Maintain the Sacred Neutral
  14. Being on the New Earth
  15. British Israel - The Hidden Hand Behind the
  16. Can We Correct Physical Imperfection
  17. Choosing to Live According to a Material or a Spiritual Point of View
  18. Christianity to be Sacrificed
  19. Communicating with the Low Self
  21. Fake Invasion
  22. Freemasonary and the Illuminati
  23. Genetic Time Release Capsule To Generate Your Awakening
  24. Getting History Straight - The Ten Commandments
  25. Hold Your Own Reality
  26. How Does Focus Personality Create
  27. How the Alchemy of Your Knowledge Works - NO FEAR HERE
  28. How the Jesus Myth Was Created
  29. How the New World Order Was Taking Us Over
  30. How to Keep on Your Stated Course - DEVIATION
  31. Hu-Man / Humanity / Mankind
  32. If an Agent Knocks
  33. Influence of Low Self
  34. Intergalactic Orbs
  35. March 9 1933 - U.S. Martial Law
  36. Masons the Driving Force
  37. Men From Orion - The Soulless Ones
  38. Nephelim
  39. Origin of Word Negro
  40. Orion The Great Hunter
  41. Planets A / B / AB
  42. Preparing for the Dimensional Shift
  43. Razor's Edge Part 1 & 2
  44. Relationship Between the Christ Light and Cosmic Awareness
  45. Reptoids and Clones
  46. Serpents Rule this Planet
  47. Sexual Intercourse
  48. Should One Have to Rely on a Guru
  49. Slave Race
  50. Sound Tones for Pineal
  51. Spiritual Contracts and Astrological Blueprint
  52. Tapping into the Universal Mind of the Living God
  53. Targets of the illuminati
  54. Teaching About Father Son and Holy Ghost
  55. The Admiralty Court Exists Because
  56. The Agenda of Others
  57. The Akashic Records - You Become Your Own Judge at the Time of Death
  58. The Apocalypse is not Going to Happen
  59. The Beauty of Creation
  60. The Black Madonnas
  61. The Complete Story
  62. The Death Wish and its Relation to Cancer
  63. The Earth Charter
  64. The Electromagnetic Scale
  65. The Endless Cord
  66. The Family of Man - Where did it all begin
  67. The Fed Closed Forever
  68. The Federalization of Local Law Enforcement
  69. The First Cause
  70. The Fourth Reich is Being Re-established
  71. The Galactic Wars
  72. The Great Error of the Light Worker
  73. The Giza Pyramids
  77. The Illegal Quasi - U.S. Government
  78. The Lord's Prayer
  79. The Masonic Conspiracy
  80. The Mind as a Tool and Organ of Creation
  81. The Mind of God is Defined
  82. The Nature of the True Spiritual Path
  83. The Orion Civilization
  84. The Orion Correlation
  85. The Orion Empire
  86. The Orion Monetary System in the Historical Perspective
  87. The Orion Pyramid Theory
  88. The Orion Queens
  89. The Perils of Thinking in Duality
  90. The Photon Band and the Process of Transmutation
  91. The Purpose of Anharim Forces
  92. The Rebellion in Heaven and the Fall of Man
  94. The Shift
  95. The Slide into Dictatorship
  96. The Straights of Transition - the Piscean Age and the Aquarian Age
  97. The Ten Commandments
  98. The Three Paths to the Divine
  99. The Truth About the World Council of Churches
  100. The Universe as a Living Being
  101. There is Always that Which is the Opposite
  102. Timeline Shift
  103. Transition
  104. U.N. to Rule Over America
  105. What is the Body Template
  106. When the Student is Ready
  107. Where did Man Come From
  108. Who You Really Are
  109. Without Justice there is Just U.S.
  110. Why Earth is Called the Insane Asylum of the Galaxy
  111. Why the Earth Will Not be Destroyed
  112. You Are Not in Kansas Anymore
  113. You are the Founding Fathers