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LIFE is ALWAYS served to you exactly as YOU intend it.


The perspectives expressed on my website are mine to have. You are not required to agree or disagree with them but you are invited to reflect on them with me.

I encourage you to take what resonates with you, and reject that which does not.

Invest your energy towards what you WANT  to occur  in your life,
rather than towards what you DON'T WANT to occur  in your life.

The universe ALWAYS gives you EXACTLY:

·  What you look for.·
   What  you focus on.
  What you obsess about.
Be Conscious
Be Aware
Be Alert
Be Now


The information contained within this site is intended to provide material for general informational AND educational purposes only, and in NO WAY do we express any intent to substitute the council that only an appropriately trained and licensed medical practitioner can give.

Furthermore, nutritional benefits may differ from one person to another, because each person is unique.

We do not claim to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any medical condition, nor make any healing claims or promises. The human body has a natural ability to self-heal, primarily via its immune system. The 'light infusions' which The Timeline Cafe provides are intended to support the body's innate healing abilities.

Medical doctors and healthcare professionals can and do  provide disagreeing opinions on health issues, thus, each person is ultimately responsible for taking charge of their own health care.


Your personal information will NEVER be given to any other party.
Protecting your privacy is a high priority for us. We value and respect your personal information and always keep your personal information private.

Fair Use Notice

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Caution !

  • Always be discerning, even regarding anything that you may read on this website. BE DISCERNING. 
  • Always engage your  B.S Detector before accepting or believing ANYTHING.
  • Trust your innate feelings when considering any matter, for the best lies are composted of a very small degree of UNTRUTH.
  • Always question everything and then question it further, so that you can discern for yourself first and foremost what is truth and what is not TRUTH..

“We may encounter many defeats
but we must not be defeated.”
- Maya Angelou