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Your DNA is a Living Library'

Your Living Library

Your DNA is the ‘building block’ of life. It has metaphysical/esoteric aspects. Science refers to  this aspect  as ‘junk DNA’.  You ability to access these esoteric aspects is dependent upon your ability to allow it to manifest.
There are over 100 Trillion pieces of identical DNA that comprises the human body. Each piece of DNA joins in unity and acts as ONE unit.

DNA is not linear, it is quantum; thus, it does not think, as does the brain. Rather it interfaces with your muti-dimensional MIND (your consciousness) & your HEART. By doing the MIND to HEART Drop you can facilitate communication between your MIND (consciousness)  & your HEART (Spirit) thereby making it possible to access the quantum aspects of your DNA.

On December 21 2012 we (humanity) crossed a marker. We entered a new timeline which is leading us toward new ways of doing things which will enable us to begin living a life of our own making.

At The Timeline Café we offer powerful servings of energetic light infusions which literally discharges/releases all of the old stuck dense energetic buildup that may be keeping you stuck within a low density vibratory timeline. If you are experiencing fear, lack, depression, ill health etc., then join us at The Timeline Café and we can assist you in of restoring your body’s energetic and nutritional integrity.

Question: Why are so many individuals FEELING SO EXHAUSTED with really strong aches and pains through-out their whole body?

Answer: Aside from forcing you to rest more than you normally would, it is also due to the changes which are taking place in the density of our bone structure. Our current carbon composition is too dense, too heavy for the new energies that we are to reside in. Simply put, ‘walking/moving’ would not work! It is essential to release the heavy, dark, dense energies which are stored within your energetic field and your physical body.

Do the Whole Lifetime Emotional Body Clearing and the TOTAL BODY REJUVENATION. You will become a lighter being with lighter bone density. FOR ALL THAT YOU TRULY ARE IS LIGHT.

We are stepping into our new identity and our unique stem cell blueprint is
being upgraded.

Cosmic Awareness

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