THE TIMELINE CAFE - " Serving You Energetic Light Infusions "
Water the Elixir of Life

'The Fountain of Life'

'The Fountain of Youth'

The water at the TLC is 'Light Encoded' to match your body's UNIQUE Energetic Blueprint / Signature.

100% Pure Light Encoded Water.
Direct from the SOURCE that created you!

True designer water

Do you realize that the human body is made Up primarily of Water?

Yes! 72% of your body is made up of water. It facilitates intelligent cellular communication. That is it helps your cells to communicate intelligently among themselves.

NOW, imagine how the words that you are constantly speaking AND thinking, as well as, how the quality of  the water that you are drinking (or not drinking) are affecting your body.

For instance, when you say words like:- : “I’m a failure,” or “I’m hopeless,” or “I won’t get well,” or "This or that is killing me",  imagine what effect these words are having on your overall health.

At 'The Timeline Café', wecan activate water which is encoded to meet the unique specifications of your body's unique 'Energetic Light Signature, or Energetic Blueprint'.

No one else ANYWHERE has the same energetic signature that you possess. It is your energetic signature that makes you uniquely YOU.

Our light encoded water is created to restore ONLY what YOUR body is missing or needs to bring it back into balance or alignment.

The water can be specially encoded for drinking or for external uses. The  special Light Codes contained within the water, will help in the healing of  your physical body, both  inside and out, while energetically restoring it back, to its structural integrity.

Our light codes increases the vibratory frequency of your water or food.

In addition, the Light Codes contained in these Activations are the highest Light Vibrations that are available on the planet at this present time, as it originates directly from the  SOURCE which created you and is activated to match your original energetic 'blueprint'.

These Light Encoded  waters can also be used for your pets, animals, and plants.


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