THE TIMELINE CAFE - " Serving You Energetic Light Infusions "
Man, God's Expression of Itself
How do you overcome evil? 
By realizing that Evil spelt backwards is LIVE.

The Gift to Humanity
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Regardless of the burden that you are currently choosing to  carry, the TLC is here to remind you that:

The gift of God has already been given to man. i.e. absolute per­fection and dominion over life.  Made in the image and likeness of God, he has all of the attributes of God inherent within him.
  • Infinite Intelligence - the embodiment of wisdom, knowledge and understanding.
  • Omnipotent Power - the greatest power requires the lightest touch.
  • Omnipres­ent Love - this is love that is non-judgmental.

However, having been given the power of choice or free will, it is up to Man or Woman to accept it for themselves.

This can only be achieved by awakening their spirituality. Spirituality is not religiosity.  
Spiritual awakening makes all things new.

NEVER again will anything seem the same. Through the dominion of God, the TRUE Self within man is given dominion; that dominion which is his birthright.

  • We were created to be perfect, whole and complete.
  • We were created in love and light, to live a life of love and light, and to manifest creations of love and light.
  • We were once held above the angels, until that is, we supposedly 'fell'.

  But man did not "fall from his place of Grace".


Isn't it time you stood up, and begin pushing back?  Isn't it time for you to reclaim your sovereignty?