THE TIMELINE CAFE - Our Workshops#2
THE TIMELINE CAFE - " Serving You Energetic Light Infusions "

About Our Workshops
 Educate NOT Medicate
We teach "Spiritual Common-Sense"

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At the Timeline Cafe's 'workshops', we guide you through the process of remembering who and what you truly are.

In addition, we support you as you transition through the beginning stages of  incorporating a ‘new’ paradigm for living, which will guide you towards your new way of ‘being’;  with greater authority, confidence, clarity, directness, all within  boundaries that are stronger than you’ve ever before been able to establish.

You will develop the ability to  truly express how you are feeling from moment to moment. This enhanced perspective is directly related to your inner connection with your ‘new brain’ i.e. your ‘divine heart’ and it is directly proportional to your ability to express unconditional love to everyone who enters your life experience. Unconditional love on this website meaning, not engaging in any form of judgment against another.

You will become more firm in your decisions, as you come into a more complete understanding that each of us MUST claim responsibility for the life that we are living and that we also have the ability to change it as and when we wish.

As a result of you finding your way home, that is by you 'going within' to the secret chamber of your heart where all of YOUR dreams and aspirations  are located, all those who have served you so well, by reflecting your past insecurities back to you, will now begin retreating outside your energetic field.

The process that you will undergo at the workshops is simple, but not necessarily easy; as your entire paradigm will be re-calibrated, and eventually rebooted to restore you to the pristine program of your incarnated ‘blueprint’. This will become the new format for the new life that you will be living.

It is at this point that you will feel compelled to ‘throw out’ the old rule book, as it will no longer serve you. In your new paradigm there are NO RULES AND NO REGULATIONS. Your imagination will now become your guide.  Nothing of your old way of ‘living’ will make sense in your new way of ‘being’ as you consciously release all former ideas of ‘needing’ to do things and embrace the new concept of ‘wanting’ to do things.

Sorry, but first you will be called upon to ‘work’ through the integration process of the new paradigm into your new life. You will experience a very intense phase of self-discovery and purification as you ready yourself to emerge from the confining crystals of the old you.

Most of this ‘work’ will be done at a cellular level; as day by day you will be engaged in a great deal of ‘inner work’, as you undergo the process of  assimilating the new life programs into your very DNA or cellular memory.

At a certain point, this point differs from individual to individual, you will shift into your unique perception of YOUR new version of  reality.

Again please note that this phase will vary from individual to individual. In the new paradigm, there are no right or wrong scenarios, all scenarios which you bring forward, will be appropriate for what YOU wish to experience at that particular moment.

Furthermore, the old aspects of life known as competition and judgment will no longer be part of your new life experience, until eventually, we will once again emerge as ‘little children’, as we re-engage our imaginations and  re-learn how to ‘play’ in this wonderful garden called LIFE.

NOTE: Your cells retain memory. Therefore to stop the ‘old’ scenarios which are presently encoded into your cellular memory, from reoccurring in your life; you will have to overwrite the old programs with new programs. The new programs that you will be integrating, will be based on your ‘new’ expanded understanding as it relates to your True identity.