THE TIMELINE CAFE - Our Workshops#1
THE TIMELINE CAFE - " Serving You Energetic Light Infusions "
Education of the Imagination

"I know only but one freedom and that is freedom of the MIND" st. Exupery

NEW.....NEW....NEW !


We teach humanity how to live up to its highest potential
NOT down to its lowest!

Your CONSCIOUSNESS is the HOUSE your spirit lives in.

KNOW that improving the self
… into the Highest vision it can BE
If your divine FREE CHOICE is being taken away from you:

just say:

....and watch the seeming miracles as they begin to unfold in your daily life!

The Earth is a free will planet that operates on the
Laws of  CAUSE and EFFECT.

The governing of a state by its worst citizens.

In our Workshops we teach 'Spiritual Common Sense'
and the process begins with a complete.....

'Mindset  &  Heartset Reset'Where


you too can become a being of light
i.e. enlightened / knowledgeable


Our workshops are about learning how to become efficient and effective co-creators.
We teach how to adjust your body's:
Energy levels
to 'tune' into or rather access the various states of existence / consciousness that are available to us.

by Neville Goddard

Conscious Mind  Conditioning

By Their Fruit You Will Know Them
Learn how to utilize the POWER of your imagination

Consciousness & Brainwaves
Part 1
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Consciousness & Brainwaves
Part 2
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 Reprogramming the Mental Matrix
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Practical Solutions Strategies Inc
in association with
The TimeLine Café
A collaborator with
Tropical Splendor Arts & Cultural Assoc. 
a 501(C)3 Educational and Service Not for Profit Organization

Is joyful to announce the start of our 'Step Up & LIVE BIG' Workshop Series.

We, that is, humanity is magnetic in nature. What does that mean? It means that we draw to ourselves situations and events which are compatible with the energetic frequency (i.e. signature) that we are transmitting out into the world. In other words, like attracts like, and water finds its own level are two expressions which are indicative of this situation.

This magnetic attraction is influenced by the thoughts that we are continually thinking. We frequently hear about certain individuals having 'magnetic personalities'. What this means, is that they have developed the ability, some refer to it as the 'Midas Touch', and they, either consciously or unconsciously, attract situations and events into their lives which are beneficial to them.
The good news is, that these individuals are neither unique nor special.We all possess this a magical ability, we simply have to learn how to harness and use it.

Unfortunately, many people, through lack of knowledge and/or awareness unconsciously use this gift,  in a destructive or negative manner, rather than in a positive or constructive manner.

In our  Step Up & LIVE BIG  workshops, we carefully instruct you in how to go about using this awesome gift in a consciously constructive manner, via a process called ‘Consciousness Conditioning’.
This process assists you in developing in the art of 'Quantum Thinking". Quantum Thinking,  is thinking outside the limiting parameters  of conventional thought patterns, that transcends your 'thought patterns', from merely thinking into a way of being. Using this method, you will begin the process of constructing a new template or rather blueprint for the quality of life that you want to start living.
Once you have mastered this ability, you will come into a full understanding of what the great avatars mean when they stated that: " your thoughts becomes things."

Our comprehensive program addresses the restoration of :
  • Your soul (physical) body,
  • Your mental (mind) body and
  • Your  energetic (spirit) body.

The Timeline Cafe in collaboration with other 'like minded' individuals/organizations,  have developed a proprietary protocol that is focused on restoring you physically and energetically back into your original energetic blueprint, which you possessed when you first incarnated; i.e. before the traumas and dramas of daily life began to deplete you  of your vital life force energy.  

Life Force Energy is the energetic fuel which our bodies need
in order to function effectively and optimally.

When our life force energy becomes depleted, our physical and energetic bodies becomes weakened, causing us to become susceptible to illness/disease and ultimately death. 

Our physical bodies are surrounded by an energetic body, often referred to as a magnetic field. This energetic body, is an EXACT replica of our physical body. Whatever happens to our physical body also happens to our energetic body and the reverse is also true.

Thus, whenever we sustain any form of pain, trauma, illness or disease in our physical body, our energetic body is likewise affected,

Unfortunately, at present, conventional allopathic medicine focuses almost exclusively on our physical body in the treatment of illness and/or disease.
We as human beings are more than mere flesh and blood. We are so very much more..........

“Nothing will work unless you do.”
- Maya Angelou

MENTAL MEDICINEThe intellectual is the outer approach to TRUTH,
and the mystical is the inner


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One of the first steps in the practice of ‘mental medicine’, as in many of the other exact sciences, is to learn to correct sense impressions by scientific truth.

When the first sign of disease appears on the body, instead of viewing it as a forerunner of something worse, a symptom of something with a dreadful name, we should regard it as we do any other illusion, as something which cannot be true if natural law is true and science is correct.

This mental attitude will at once prevent us from being afraid of it; thus it will disappear, for fear aggravates until trifles become torments.
Fear is the food upon which disease thrives. Deprive it of its food and it will starve to death.

False Evidence Appearing Real

A treatment is a scientific form of prayer

"God cannot be sick and we are ONE with God"

What is a TREATMENT?
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"A prayer treatment is a form of prayer based upon right thinking, namely thinking of God the Good.  It is a vehicle through which healing in all aspects of your life is achieved." 

The foundation of an effective treatment, is to "stop thinking about the problem and think only about the solution you are seeking." 

A treatment deals first with states of mind or your belief systems, then focuses on the situation or condition to be healed. 

One of the greatest metaphysical minds of all time once stated: "silent prayer is more powerful than audible prayer, because by silent prayer, via the MIND TO HEART DROP; the mind comes closer to creative Spirit.

The Mind to Heart Drop
It is what ‘feeds’ or nourishes our subconscious and our subconscious defines the world that we live in. This process can be quickly achieved by developing and using the principles of Self-full Living.  

Self-full thinking is a discipline that programs the human mind to alter a perceived reality by repeatedly consciously stating positive or affirmative mental statements.

Self-full thinking is a form of positive thinking but it is not based on mindless repetitions. Rather it is based on making conscious, aware statements of truths; both on an audible level as well as on a mental level.

A person practices positive thinking when they derive a positive sense of well being, optimism, belonging, meaning and/or purpose from being part of and contributing back to something larger and more permanent than themselves.

Positive thinking is a process of choosing positive emotions from stimuli in the environment and applying them to ones perceptions and beliefs. The objective is to create an outlook that translates into a new or better  reality.


To begin your journey towards living an affirmative life.
A life where God's answer is always...
Discover the rules to the game called "LIFE"
as it is presently being played out on the planet all around you.