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THE TIMELINE CAFE - " Healing at the speed of light "
About Our Services
Stay grounded -  Stay compassionate -  Stay emotionally stable
for these are the attributes which will best serve you in the times ahead.


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IN ORDER TO  begin the process of building a better life, you MUST start with a good 'blueprint', as well as,  a strong and balanced foundation.

The energetic 'tools' which the TLC provides will enable you to swiftly and safely begin the process of creating the 'quality of life' that you desire.

The great avatars of our past have all stated in one form or another, that ALL change MUST literally start within YOU!


All Services are a' la carte
NOTICE: Please choose ONLY those services which you INTUITIVELY FEEL drawn too, as that will be YOUR innate or instinctual guidance directing you towards those areas within yourself which requires your attention.



  • WATER CHARGING - Water that is specifically light encoded to meet your unique energetic specifications.

  • WORKSHOPS  - The journey through life is like reading a novel. It is your responsibility to learn how to edit the novel to suite your unique needs.

Energetically Yours, Halcyon Isaac
  • Life Empowerment Facilitator
  • Mental Medicine Instructor
  • Inspirational Speaker
  • Conscious Mind Conditioning Coach
  • Bio-photon Light Infusion Specialist
  • Provider of Wellness Insurance - "The Biomat - Healing at the speed of Light"

There is NOTHING dignified NOR affordable regarding  Ill-health & Disease.


"The true light creates. The false light imitates"

**BIOPHOTON LIGHT INFUSION SPECIALIST- We repair, recalibrate and realign your body's electromagnetic field, as well as, restore its depleted supply of  vital,  'Life Force Energy' using our proprietary protocol of 'light infusions.' Our proprietary protocol 'will restore you back into your default energetic blueprint by reestablishing inter-cellular and intra-cellular communication by erasing the corrupted information from your body's energetic fields. 

** INSPIRATIONAL SPEAKER "By their fruit you will know them". No one can truly motivate another to do anything. One must motivate oneself.  However, one can 'inspire' another to engage in an action or activity, by being and living the reality of the information that one is offering to them.

**MENTAL MEDICINE INSTRUCTOR -  "The Law of the Within & The Without." Operates on the understanding that, the body and the mind are one. Thus, the thoughts that you are holding within your mind, usually on a deeply subconscious level; are having a direct result on your physical body, as well as, the world around you.

**LIFE EMPOWERMENT FACILITATOR - " Judge Not Least Ye be Judge." Assisting individuals to facilitate a "Mind-set - Heart-set - Re-Set" whereby they can live lives that are 'SELF-FULL' and not selfish. We  assist individuals to tap into and the quantum field which exists within them, and the electromagnetic field which exists around them,  and utilize the energies that are contained therein; to bring about favorable changes within their physical body, and the external world around them. As within, so without can best describe this process. 

**CONSCIOUS MIND CONDITIONING COACH  - "Soul Growth." Using the principles of Mental Science, I work with clients on a one on one or group basis to help them to become more consciously aware of the quality and nature of the thoughts that they are constantly thinking and how they can use it to manifest the quality of life they desire living.

"The quality of life that YOU are living is an outward manifestation
of the thoughts that YOU are thinking.

In addition, by working with me, my clients gain access to a unique arsenal of powerful and proprietary 'energetic tools' which enables them to  swiftly and effectively regain personal control of their lives. 

Each client is guided through a 'uniquely customized protocol' that makes them more