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Linearity simply serves to camouflage the way consciousness truly works.

What the mind can conceive, the Mind can and will achieve.
Napoleon Hill

At this point you may choose to take the  BLUE PILL  and retreat back into what you perceive to be your safe little reality.

HOWEVER, if you are among those who are finally ready to awaken to what in the world is truly going on, then go ahead and grab the  RED PILL,  then hold on, for the wildest  most exciting ride of your life.

THE POWER OF  WORDS "As they are being used on this website"

What is Ascension?

  • Ascension is NOT about leaving a certain place and going to another. It means attaining mastery over your every thought and emotion. It is a process of 'letting go' or releasing one's attachment to being 'human'. It is a process of complete mastery over your Earth vessel / physical body / thoughts.
  • Ascension is about taking full responsibility for every thought-form and energy field that you have ever created while holding a form on the Earth.
  • Ascension means attaching your Point of Perception to a higher frequency of reality.
  • When you are unaware of that fact, you tend to become impatient because you not understand that YOU are the one who is gauging the speed of your Ascension by the frequency rate of your consciousness that YOU create with your own thoughts and emotions.
  • Your personal  Ascension contributes to the planetary Ascension and is aided by the transmutations of your personal Elementals of:

  1. EARTH - symbolizing your actions
  2. AIR - symbolizing your thoughts
  3. FIRE - symbolizing your spirit and
  4. WATER - symbolizing your emotions; which in turn flows into the earth, air, fire and water of the planet.

What is Compassion?

  • Compassion is often confused with sympathy; i.e. the unintentional enabling of another. It is an aspect of love. It is the ability to see the pain and suffering of another without entering into it. This often manifests (especially with families and friends) in the guise of offering assistance of some sort when intuitively guided to do so.

HOWEVER, in compassion one NEVER ENTERS INTO THE ENERGY FIELD OF ANOTHER, that is the aspect of life known as sympathy.

What is your Energetic Signature / Signature Frequency?

  • It is your “signature frequency.”
  • It is the spark of your individuality that lives within an “individual” Earth vessel / physical body that you are wearing in order to participate in the holographic project of life on the third/fourth dimension
  • When you logged in to your present reality, as there are  myriad realities running simultaneously within the NOW, you did so via your “signature frequency.”
  • Your signature frequency is the core frequency of your Multidimensional SELF.
  • The 3D aspect of your signature frequency intermingles with your 4D signature frequencies and flows in unity consciousness with your signature frequencies in the 5D and beyond.
  •  In all of your myriad versions of reality, you are the same signature frequency.
  • Every personal thought-form displays the signature frequency of its creator.

What is Discernment:

  • Discernment is similar to instinct, however, it provides answers you’re seeking at that exact moment. It helps you to distinguish the trivial from the worthwhile.

What is Ego Death?

  • Ego Death is also called the 'dark night of the soul. It is that point at which the ego surrenders to the spirit.

What is Fear?

  • Fear is the engine that runs our society. It is the foremost emotion that we must overcome. It is fear that keeps us stuck in third density and prevents us from seeing beyond what we fear. Fears spawns the severest of negative traits and actions, such as; greed, prejudice, hatred, lust for power, jealousy, tyranny, desire to control others, deceit, anger, dishonor, war-like mentality, corruption.
  • Since it can take many many lifetimes to overcome fear, souls choose that lesson in tandem with one of the characteristics born of fear, usually anger is chosen.
  • Throughout one’s lifetime the soul is presented with situations that trigger anger in order for us to develop patience regarding those situations, learn to perceive them from different perspectives, and condition ourselves to react calmly, sensibly and constructively when confronted by them.
  • Once one is able to master one aspect, the soul moves on to other parts of its contract. How this will transpire is determined as a  pre-birth agreement with other souls, where it is determined who will be the parents, siblings, mates, friends, mentors, and so forth throughout the shared lifetime.
  • The roles may change from lifetime to lifetime but as a rule the soul family group tends to stay together until the various ‘lessons’ are mastered. In life the control you have over any situation or event you encounter is based on  your reaction to it.

What is Intuition?

  • Intuition is a contemplative process of “asking within” for advice, then stilling your mind to discern the answer. You may want to know, for instance, whether a particular person is the best choice as a lifetime partner; if a proposed business venture is in your best interests; when an investment of time, energy or money is wise; if relocating or accepting a job offer is a good idea. As you contemplate any of those kinds of situations or another matter of great importance to your future, if the urge to act upon the idea becomes stronger, your soul is speaking ever more loudly to motivate you to take relevant action. If reluctance to take the next step persists, your soul is saying “Don’t do this.” 

What is Instinct?

  • Instinct is a spontaneous reaction to a situation that poses grave danger to you, a loved one or a stranger, and when acting instantly can be life-saving.   

What is Multi-dimensionality?

  • It would be more prudent to state that we (humanity) is multi-vibrational or multi-frequential in nature. We can only exist within the dimensional level that we are compatible with. Thus, as your energetic blockages are released, your frequency / vibration, ill increase and as a consequence you will participate in a higher energetic life experience.

  • When you become energetically overloaded or blocked, your frequency will decrease and as a consequence you will participate in a lower energetic life experience.

What is the Soul / Spirit?

  •  Spirit is transcendental and formless; once it becomes individualized as a unique point of consciousness / awareness, it manifests into form or matter. Once the Spirit is individualized it is referred to as the Soul.

  • The soul is the Higher Expression of who and what you truly are. It is also called the Spirit. It dwells simultaneously within many dimensions a.k.a frequencies.  In order for the spirit / soul to experience 'life' which is within the lower frequencies / vibrations domain, the  incarnating aspect of the soul / spirit must manifest a housing / temple i.e. a physical body to house itself within during its sojourn on the earth plane.

  • Like a flake of snow, each soul aspect is unique and carries its own unique frequency. However, it usually incarnates within a structure called a 'soul group or soul family' who agree to work together to achieve a particular outcome.


  • The soul continuously sends guidelines to the consciousness to keep you aligned with your contract choices. These guidelines, which are as clear as neon signs pointing in the directions you chose, may come as words but most often are strong sensations. When you are heeding your soul’s messages, in heart and mind you feel as if you are flowing lightly with the current. In other words it is as though your soul is saying “Great job!” The lighthearted feeling lets you know that you are on the right track; whereas, feelings of guilt, regret or remorse signify that you didn’t make a choice that is beneficial to you.

NOTE If the latter feelings are repeatedly ignored, one's consciousness begins to atrophy and mean-spiritedness and apathy becomes the norm. Conversely, when one's ‘free will’ decision, action or inaction goes against one's purpose, one may experience feelings of uneasiness and/or discomfort. Almost inevitably one is likely to regret ones choice(s)The Soul Family Disconnect Clearing.

What is a Life Contract?

  • It is said that many of us volunteered to experience difficult health or economic issues or other harsh circumstances specifically to benefit others. That as we confront and manage these adversities with determination and strong spirit, we serve as a beacon of encouragement to those individuals who are struggling with similar situations, and by exemplifying the power of our innate resources, we inspire them to tap into their own.  
  • AT THE TLC:-  we believe that the 'adverse' situations or events we encounter during our incarnation / life are because we have been voluntarily or involuntarily diverted onto a disharmonious path or timeline.
  • AT THE TLC:- it is not our belief that we incarnated to suffer in any form or fashion. We were created perfect, whole and complete. We were created in love and light to live a life of love and light and to manifest creations of love and light. Any life experience that is contrary to that REALITY is due to a mere aberration of thought processes.
  • AT THE TLC:- when we encounter challenging situations and / or events in our lives, we believe that it is due to the us temporarily forgetting who and what we truly are.

What Is The Purpose Of Life On Earth?

  • It has been reported that the Earth is considered one of the finest ‘school-houses’ in this galaxy for learning Emotional lessons. Therefore learn to master your emotions and you will gain faster mastery over your life. (The WholeLifetime Emotional Healing)

What is DEATH?

  • Death is but a Change of Address in the Cosmos. Life and Death are but changes from one condition to another, and consciousness continues throughout and beyond the change. One dies to the old and is reborn in the new. So it is with death. It is just a shift to another place, a change of address in the cosmos. But one must not seek to escape life's trials for a negative karma follows one who leaves before finishing the task for which one came into physical form to complete. (The WholeLifetime Death Barcode Removal)

What are Entities?

  • Even though the body dies, continue on as a flux of energies, a composite of vibrations, in one form or another, in one realm or another, never escaping the reality of their existence even through death's door. Nor do they escape from their problems, except by solving or emotionally letting go to let the Divine creator solve the problem. When you have done all you can do to solve your problem, let go and let God take care of it, being willing to do as the Divine Creator suggests. The Creator will never ask that you harm another, or that you harm yourself, or that you suffer in Its behalf. This Awareness will ask that you love yourself and others and that you give of yourself sufficiently to create an empty space, a vacuum within that will hold the blessings you deserve and desire from this Awareness. The sacrifice of giving up something for something more desirable brings the greater fulfillment as give and take, gain and loss, pleasure and pain, life and death, and a myriad of other ever-shifting polarities dance and vibrate to your eternal and everlasting life. (The WholeLifetime Entity Attachment Removal)

What is Remote Viewing and is it reliable?

  • Linear time doesn’t exist in the space/time continuum, therefore it is not possible to determine if something is in ascendency or descendency.For example, one remote viewer who wants to see Earth’s future may see a planet that appears to be devastated and deserted while another may see a beautiful planet with a flourishing environmen; and while both viewers may believe that they are seeing “future” Earth, neither one may be seeing actual Earth—parallel worlds also exist in the continuum, which further complicates the complexity of determining what one is actually viewing.

What are words?

  • The words that you are using are the 'blue-prints' for the life that you are living. Thus, be cautious and speak gently.
  • NOTE:
    Defining your terms, your words, your beliefs, by looking at the reality behind them; is the way of a more educated person. Otherwise, words are simply buckets carrying different things that may have different values and different meanings to different individuals. When you pick up the bucket and carry it to another entity, they might look inside and see something totally different from what you originally brought them. They may not even bother to look inside. They might say, “Oh, I know this word! It means this or that!”   And you say, “That is not what I meant by the word! You and I mean different things. You have taken my bucket and my word and cheapened it!”
  •  It is important to use your words carefully, with understanding that the listener to your words may not understand what you are saying in the same way you mean it to be understood. It is important to realize that if the entity understood exactly what you meant, you might be in total agreement, rather than in disagreement.

What is a timeline? 

  • A timeline is that which is experienced as one moves through one’s life. There are many alternate timelines available that depend on the focus or intention of the individual, their ability to create through their imagination and an alignment to their higher expression (or a lack of alignment as the case may be) designates one's placement on a particular timeline. In other words, timelines are simply the avenues that are available for life to be experienced. You can access a particular timeline via your imagination. Your imagination is the vehicle, which is required in order to first create the reality / timeline that becomes one's life experiences. If you do not like a particular timeline that you are one, you can remove it by doing TIMELINE CRASHES.

  • REMEMBER:- You are a sovereign being; a God-spark, and as that sovereign being, that God-spark, it is within your capacity / capability to CREATE the timeline that best suits you on your journey ahead.
  • You are responsible for creating the life  experiences that you are having and living.

What is a  Vibration ? 

  • Vibrations are air currents passing through the vocal cords or the balloon's mouth move the passage walls back and forth in a sequence to cause the vibration that results in the sound. Thus, the concept of sound, "the Word" has come to symbolize the creative power of Vibration as a Universal Power or Divine Presence as suggested in your biblical New Testament which states that "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God." This may be accurately restated as "In the beginning was the vibration (or Frequency) and the vibration was with God and the vibration was God." This Awareness suggests that as vibration, or call it Frequency, the "Word" or call it God, spans all of the known and unknown Creation, and is everywhere present. Consciousness as Life Force Itself, is composed of a vibratory rate that yet, for a while longer, lies beyond the frequency readings of your common present day electronic instruments. That Universal Vibration creates the Cosmic Consciousness that you call God.

  • Thus, it is accurate to say that "God is everywhere present (Omnipresent) or all powerful (Omnipotent), or all knowing (Omniscient). Your instruments can measure some extra low frequency (elf) vibrations, some ultra high frequency (uhf) vibrations, and a wide range of other frequencies: the earth's frequency, sound, radio waves, infrared (heat), the light spectrum, ultraviolet light, X-rays, gamma rays, cosmic rays, etc. but life, love, and consciousness frequencies vibrate at higher rates than these, and your instruments are not yet quite attuned to read these higher frequencies. But while your electronic instruments are not yet properly developed for this task, these frequencies can be read by sensitive beings who are sufficiently attuned to the higher, creative frequencies and vibrations of life, love and consciousness.

For it is written that God is Love, that the Universe is Vibrant and Alive, and that the Cosmos is Conscious. Thus, some entities have been sensitive enough to attune to these higher vibrations in order to have read or attuned to these truths.

EVERYTHING in the universe is made up of
Energy, Vibration & Frequency!


The government of a state by its worst citizens.